Welcome To Brazilian Beach Tan & Spa!

Welcome To Brazilian Beach Tan & Spa

Brazilian Beach Tan & Spa offers the Ultimate Tanning & Spa Experience.

Our well-trained staff, combined with the latest in tanning equipment, technology and highest quality tanning products, help you get the tan you are looking for. Our Acworth location is open convenient hours to fit into your active schedule.


Our Tanning & Spa Services Include:

  • 3 Levels Of Tanning Power
  • Air Brush Spray Tan
  • Red Light Therapy Bed
  • Hydrotherapy Massage

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Tanning Services

Spa Services

We offer three levels of tanning that covers all our clients’ needs from the beginning tanner to the experienced veteran.

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At Brazilian Beach Tan & Spa you can treat yourself to our SpaCapsule Hydrotherapy Massage bed and our infrared Skin Enhancement Bed.

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Tanning Products

Brazilian Beach Tan & Spa offers a wide selection of tanning lotions, for indoor tanning use. The use of tanning lotion is essential to protect your skin while tanning; using the right tanning lotion is the key to a great tan. Brazilian Beach Tan & Spa offer the best lines of indoor tanning lotion including:

  • Supre
  • Swedish Beauty
  • California Tan
  • Tan Inc.
  • Designer Skin
  • Australian Gold
  • Ed Hardy
  • Norvel




1. What is the truth about tanning and the "risks" associated with it?
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2. The San Francisco Chronicle posted a great story
on its web site last week – going undercover to show how dermatologists are selling sunscreen at 2,000 percent mark-up from over-the-counter pricing and using what the FTC could consider false claims to sell their product.
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3. Professor Sam Shuster, a sun proponent from the UK, recently published an article exposing the melanoma propoganda. He says that the sun scare message "is just a myth that's grown from a bad piece of medical science." CLICK HERE to read the article.

4. This article was posted on foodconsumer.org by Dr. Mercola — it's about another study that builds the case that sun exposure is the only true source of abundant vitamin D. The study itself shows that vitamin D deficiency is associated with arterial stiffness, which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke in black teenagers.
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5. There are recent reports connecting vitamin D deficiency and juvenile Type 1 Diabetes. This article in the Santa Monica Daily Press discusses this link and offers a pretty awesome recommendation: Get some sun! "Kids want to go out and play anyway, so let them out to catch some rays for about 10 to 15 minutes a day."
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6. This week, leading oncology expert Dr. Keith Block wrote an article for the Huffington Post telling people to put down their sunscreen and get regular sun exposure.
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